You Can Permanently Replace Those Broken, Missing Teeth

a male with a bright smile after a dental procedure

It’s become an agonizing obsession. It’s the reason why you haven’t been in a family photo in years. It’s a humiliating — even heart-breaking — feeling every time you look at a mirror. You’re too embarrassed to ever give a genuine smile or laugh, and it’s all because of missing teeth.

When you’ve finally cried enough tears of frustration and gathered your courage to face your fear of dentists, a good dentist will be able to address your concerns. Dental implants, in the central valley town of Modesto, CA, along with dental bridges, dentures and veneers are all modern, affordable, and mostly painless solutions to the problem of missing and broken teeth.

What Are Your Options?

  • Dental Implants can permanently replace missing teeth. They can also take the place of a set of upper or lower dentures.
  • Veneers are thin shells of teeth, colored and bonded to the front of teeth. Dentists use them to enhance teeth that are chipped, broken or discolored cosmetically.
  • Bridges are a partial replacement for one or more missing teeth. They are bonded to teeth on both sides of the area where teeth are missing.
  • Dentures replace all the teeth on the upper or lower or both jaws. They can be removable or held in place with dental implants.

Your Smile Is the First Thing People See

Polls show that a person’s smile and teeth are among the top five physical attributes men and women notice when they meet for the first time. Improving in your smile is an investment in your self-confidence as well as your physical and mental health.

Dentists Know Best

Within a few visits to the dentist, you’ll feel like a new person. That winning smile will beam, and whether it’s family portrait time, a meeting or a blind date, your smile will be dazzling and genuine.