Why Mold Remains a Big Problem

wall with mold

Mold growth is a considerable concern in many homes, offices, and schools. But what makes mold growth the scary problem it is? Read on to learn why mold is a formidable foe.

1. Molds are everywhere

You can find mold virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors and all year round. Provided there is moisture; molds can grow on almost any surface. Wet substances that mold loves include paper, wood, carpets, and food.

2. Mold grows within 24-48 hours of water damage

Has there been a water incident in your home? You need to clean and dry any wet or damp building materials, furnishings, and personal items within a day or two to prevent mold growth. If you need professional cleaning and remediation help, you should call a water damage service provider in Ogden as soon as possible.

3. You can’t practically eliminate all indoor mold and mold spores

There exists no practical way to get rid of all mold and mildew spores in an indoor environment. Moisture control is the only way to manage indoor mold growth. To reduce the risk of mold growth, you must eliminate the sources of moisture, inspect and repair water leaks promptly, reduce indoor humidity, and prevent condensation.

4. Mold spores can withstand harsh environmental conditions

Mold thrives in places that are warm, damp, and humid. However, mold spores can still survive dry conditions and other harsh environmental conditions that don’t support normal fungal growth.

5. Molds affect people in many ways

Mold destroys properties and exposure to its spores is a health hazard. For mold-sensitive people, mold exposure could lead to symptoms, such as wheezing, stuffy nose, red eyes, and itchy skin. Individuals who have asthma or are allergic to molds can experience much more severe reactions.

Other than damaging a property, molds can cause a variety of health problems. Deny mold spores the moisture they need, and you can prevent further infestation in your home.