Which Is Better, an In-ground or an Above Ground Car Lift?

Car lift

A car lift is an essential equipment for any car repair shop. It makes the task of repairing a vehicle easier. You or your mechanic don’t have to squeeze in the tight space underneath the vehicle to do the work.

Choosing between an in-ground lift and an above ground type of lift like a Bendpak 2 post lift installation by JMC Equipment will depend on your particular needs. Following is a comparison between the two that can help you decide which one to install in your shop.

In-ground Car Lift

In-ground lifts have been in use for several decades now. They were very popular back in the 1980s. Their popularity went down with the introduction of surface mounted or above ground car lifts. While they are less popular today, some mechanics still prefer this type of lift.

The main difference between an in-ground and an above ground lift is the position of the lifting mechanisms. An in-ground lift is installed under the ground. Because it is below the floor level, it is not portable. You cannot move the lift from one location to another with ease.

In-ground lifts are suitable for most types of vehicles. 1 to 2 piston lifts is ideal for more compact, smaller vehicles. For bigger vehicles, you can use 3 to 4 piston lift models.

Above Ground Lift

As the name implies, an above ground lift (surface mounted) is set up on the ground. As mentioned, surface mounted lifts are more popular today. In particular, most shops prefer the 2-post above ground type of lift because of its many advantages.

The lift arms are synchronized, allowing them to ride up the columns smoothly. Because the lift is mounted on the surface, it is easy to move to a different location.

Both in-ground and surface-mounted lifts offer advantages. Your decision will depend on your particular needs. If you are after heavy-duty lifting, then you can go with an in-ground lift. If portability is a major factor for you, an above ground lift is best for you.