Where are the Best Places to Get Married in the U.S. for 2018?

Guests throwing confetti over bride and groom

Orlando and Salt Lake City ranked among the top 25 places in the U.S. for a wedding in 2018, according to an analysis of 182 locations nationwide.

The study based its findings on each location’s facilities and services, activities and attractions, and expenses such as the price of wedding rings. In Utah, the analysis only tagged Salt Lake City on the top 25 list as opposed to three cities in Florida namely Orlando, Miami and Tampa.

Wedding Factors

Those who prioritize costs as the biggest factor for a wedding should hold their ceremony in El Paso or Brownsville, Texas. These two places have the most affordable wedding costs on average in the U.S. If you want a church wedding, couples in Detroit will have the most choices for a venue.

Washington, D.C., has the most number of event planners that provides with the luxury of choosing from many professionals to take care of all wedding details. In New York, future brides will find it easier to look for the perfect dress since the city has the largest number of bridal shops per capita.

Guest Expenses

Most of us think that couples are the only ones that would need to spend for their special event. However, a survey revealed that guests spend almost $890 on average for each wedding. The cost could even become more expensive if you’re part of the wedding entourage.

For instance, a bridesmaid may spend between $1,200 and $2,000 per occasion based on expenses, such as gifts and travel tickets. Therefore, many people choose to turn down invitations because of the associated costs.

If you want to keep your wedding expenses at a minimum, try to focus on what matters more such as finding the perfect ring instead of splurging on every single detail. A simple wedding may even encourage a higher attendance among invited guests.