When Should You Consider Having Health Insurance for Braces?

woman with braces

Australians who plan to include orthodontic coverage in their health insurance should expect to wait at least 12 months before they could file a claim.

Hence, you’d need to pay the fees from your own pocket for the first year. The usual treatment lasts up to two years, which means you may need coverage for the same period or up to three years. It’s also a good idea to take out an extra policy to avoid the temptation of going overseas for dental work.

Right Timing

Insurance premiums for orthodontic cover may increase every year just like other types of policies. However, a good benchmark would be a 5% adjustment every April 1. Those who want to stretch their eligibility should undergo treatment in the latter part of the year since this would allow you to file a claim over a three-year period.

Remember that it only matters when you pay the orthodontist, instead of the time you underwent treatment. If you’re offered rebates or discounts for paying upfront fees, check first if your insurer would cover your ongoing expenses even after the end of the waiting period.

Payment Options

Whether you plan to upgrade or buy a new extra cover, choose a dentist who offers interest-free payment options that allow to pay the majority of costs over the duration of the treatment. If you live in Queensland, coverage for invisible braces in Townsville may be less expensive than paying for the same service to a Brisbane dentist.

Most people think about flying to another country for dental treatment, but remember that this may be riskier than paying a higher price for your health and safety.

An extra policy could be a good way to cover orthodontic costs, and prevent you from being tempted to consider overseas treatment. How much are you willing to pay for a new extra policy cover?