What You Should Do After an Auto Accident

car accident

An auto accident is one of those incidents that are typically daunting and life-altering. This is especially true if you sustain injuries because of it. So that you could deal with the incident efficiently, keep these tips in mind when you get into an auto accident:

  • Before doing anything else, check yourself first and if you’re able to stand and walk around with issue, check other people that might be involved in the accident. If others are injured, call 911 ASAP.
  • Call the police to file a report on the accident. When reporting the accident to the police officer, stick to obvious facts. This is extremely important since fault is not always clear in accidents. Bearing this in mind, when you relay your version of the events to the police, only tell them things that you are 100% certain occurred. Likewise, even if you think you’re at fault for the accident, if you’re are not sure that you are, don’t ever tell the police that.
  • Obtain all relevant contact information, including names, contact numbers, addresses, driver’s license details, VIN, license plates, and insurance details. These details are crucial when filing an insurance claim, reminds Oxford Auto Insurance, a top auto insurance provider in Chicago.
  • Take as many photos and/or videos as possible. Start with photos of your injuries, if any and if you can, the site of the accident, damage to vehicles and/or other property, and other things that might have contributed to the crash.
  • Get testimonies from witnesses. Write down what they saw happened and don’t forget to get their contact info as well.
  • Secure a copy of the police report. The accident report should include the responding officer’s view of the incident, interviews of witnesses, pictures, and drawings.
  • If you didn’t sustain any injuries, it’s still best that you go to the hospital to get yourself checked as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some injuries, such as whiplash and internal injuries don’t always manifest following an accident, but could suddenly rear their ugly heads days later.

Car accidents, particularly those that involve significant injuries and/or property damage could leave even the most experienced drivers feeling out of sorts and not themselves. However, having a clear head and remembering to follow the tips mentioned above could help safeguard you from unnecessary concerns and strengthen your insurance claim.