What Are Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings and What Are Their Uses?

Permanent aluminum mold casting machine

Across various industries today, different tools and equipment are in demand. This equipment is made of numerous parts, all of which are essential to make the equipment work. Permanent mold aluminum casting companies like Peninsula Light Metals, for one, can provide these important parts to several industries, such as aerospace and the health sector, to make equipment work efficiently and correctly.

Permanent mold aluminum castings are crucial parts of many equipment and machines across many industries and businesses. To better understand the process, it’s important to know what permanent mold aluminum castings are.

What Are Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings?

Permanent mold aluminum casting is a metal casting process where reusable molds are made from metal. The most commonly used metals include magnesium, copper, and aluminum. Other metals used are lead, tin, and zinc.

The process of creating permanent mold aluminum casting entails gravity pouring of metal using cast iron molds. Permanent mold casting is usually used for the high-volume production of simple and small metal parts that are equal in wall thickness. Also, these are used across various industries such as engineering and medicine.

What Are Their Uses?

Permanent mold casting is an ideal choice for making custom parts of equipment and machines due to its ability to create exact specifications and sizes of intricate design. The permanent mold casting process is used to cast products from metal-based alloys. The usual casting components include gear housings, wheels, gears, fuel injection housings, and automotive parts. They are also used as parts in military and medical equipment.

The main benefits of using these parts are that the cast products have excellent tensile strength. They’re suitable for high volume casting ceramic, have excellent mechanical properties, and can be created through mass productions, reducing manufacturing cost. Hence, creating these parts is essential across the globe and several applications.