Watch Your Investment: 5 Rolex Models You Should Consider

Businessman wearing a watch

Watches, by their definition, are one of the few things that remain useful through the years. Unless they break down or time stops to matter to people, watches are a solid investment that appreciates in value especially if their brand has gotten a good reputation for craftsmanship and reliability.

Even if you’re not planning to make a profit out of it, a watch of good quality is always a joy to own. The best of them are not only considered timepieces but as jewelry that defines the wearer’s personality.

For this reason, even diamond jewelry stores here in LIC, Queens NYC’s westernmost residential and commercial neighborhood, sell perhaps the most recognizable and highly valued watch in the world: Rolex.

Rolex watches are a great investment, with a consumer demand that remains steady despite the ever-present competition and the emergence of smartwatches. Some of its vintage models have fetched staggering prices in auctions such as the 1949 Rolex Perpetual that sold for more than a million dollars in 2014.

If you’re planning to buy a Rolex watch with the intention of making it an investment for the future or even just for your personal use and collection, here are some of the top choices that you can consider.


Perhaps the most popular Rolex to date, the Submariner has a great sporty look and durability that defies the passing of time as well as water to up to 300 meters deep, making it the watch of choice for sports divers.

It’s so popular that fake models abound, so be sure to get one from a reliable store that will provide a certificate of authenticity.


Known for its bold numbers and large hands, the Yacht Master combines great looks and usefulness and is waterproof and durable enough to withstand rugged situations. It is available in different finishes and sizes to fit both men and women.


Expanding on the Rolex Dayjust model’s features, the Day Date is available in either 18-carat gold or 950 platinum, with a style that won’t get old and functionality that will delight even the pickiest user. Size-wise, it’s smaller than the company’s sportier models.


Honoring one of America’s car-racing capitals, this model comes with three sub-dials and is luxurious as can be without sacrificing performance. No wonder it has become the choice for many celebrities.


This is an aviator watch designed especially for international pilots, with its unique 24-hour hands and rotating 24-hour bezels. It allows the user to read three different time zones at once, and is a great accessory for both casual and formal attire.

One thing common with these most popular Rolexes is their good looks, reliability, and durability. Any one of these models will be a good investment indeed.