Walk-In Tubs Make Bathing Safer for Seniors

Anti slip mats to prevent fall

Every year, 800,000 people are hospitalized due to falls. One in five fall accidents results in a serious injury. Most accidents happen in the bathroom due to slippery surfaces. A walk-in tub can help prevent these untoward incidents.

Thousands of people fill the country’s ER departments each year because they fell over. The majority of admissions are the elderly. The common serious injuries that occur after falls are head injuries and hip fractures. Older people are particularly at risk because they have thinner bone density, deteriorating eyesight and the increasing use of pharmaceutical medications that may cause dizziness, balance issues, or confusion.

Hard surfaces, wet floors, and steps make the bathroom the deadliest place in the house. When an elderly person has a fall, they are more likely to fall again. Heavenly Walk In Tubs notes that getting a walk-in bathtub will give family peace of mind that their elderly loved one will be safe.

Accessible Bathing

Walk-in bathtubs for seniors have a side door, so they can easily step into the tub without having to climb over, reducing the risk of accidents. Frail seniors who use a wheelchair can get a tub with a drop-down panel, giving completely flat access so they can transfer from wheelchair to bath with little effort.

Safer Bathing

Other safety features include grab handles, integral anti-slip coating to keep the surfaces dry, and a locking mechanism that doesn’t unlock until the bath is drained. This prevents accidental flooding and stops the bather from slipping on a wet floor. Accessible tubs also have temperature-controlled faucets, allowing the water to come out at the perfect temperature so they don’t get burned or catch a chill.

Some luxury models also feature a hydrotherapy mode for warm bubbling water, soothing arthritis and other conditions that commonly affect elderly people. Research shows that if people regularly have warm baths, they increase their joint flexibility and reduce the risk of falling.

Falling seems like a common aspect of getting older, but it doesn’t have to be. With a walk-in tub, you can reduce or eliminate the risks of fall in your bathroom.