Types of Bricks and Where to Use Them

Man installing bricks

Bricks are popularly used for house building and pavement construction all over the world. Unlike before when bricks were only used as paving materials, today they are also used for decoration and surface finishing purposes.

Bricks are normally laid flat in a pattern and then bonded together for increased stability and strength of the structure you are putting up. There are different types of bricks available today with most of them being about four inches thick and eight inches long. Before considering purchasing new bricks for sale, here is an outlay of the various types and their uses.

Concrete bricks

These are made from solid concrete and are popularly used among most home builders. During the manufacturing process, they can be pigmented to come out in various attractive colours. As such, they are excellent for use in fences, façade, and pathways to add a curb appeal to your property.

Engineered bricks

These are manufactured under extreme temperatures to form a strong and dense brick. As such, they give excellent waterproof characteristics, chemical resisting properties, as well as providing a commendable load bearing capacity. As such, they are used for the construction of utility holes, retaining walls, sewers, and other groundwork and damp proof courses.

Burnt clay bricks

These are made by pressing in moulds and later drying them in extreme temperatures in a kiln. This type is used in general construction projects that do not require aesthetic appearances. As such, if you use them in the constriction of the walls in your home, you will eventually require rendering or plastering for a smooth well finished outward appearance.

There are various reasons people choose bricks for their construction projects. The most popular reasons include strength, porosity, fire protection, aesthetics, insulation, fire protection and durability. Other bricks are categorised according to their shape or geometry. This is essential in ensuring that you use the right brick at the right place.