Treat Your Honey on Your Anniversary: The Romantic Celebration Ideas

Valentines day: glasses of vine, red roses, candles and present a retro photo

It does not matter if this is your first or nth anniversary celebration as planning this romantic day will always feel overwhelming. Keep in mind that the celebration does not have to be expensive. A bit of investment, thought and planning can make it memorable.

If you do decide to take her out and use one of your Sentosa Mastercard dining offers from, incorporate any of these sweet acts.

Hidden Love Notes

On this special day, hide love notes on your girlfriend’s belongings, which she can enjoy finding throughout the work day. Take this opportunity to play a scavenger hunt with her. Give her some clues on the messages and let her guess your plans for the evening. This will guarantee that she feels your love more than ever and this will excite her for the upcoming festivities.

Old-Fashioned Mixtape

Only a few people still use cassette tapes in this day and age, but a mixtape has always produced that romantic vibe. Back then, it was a way to express your emotions when you had a hard time revealing them verbally. Mix tapes are a wonderful throwback to your youth and the era before playlists and iPods existed. Take it up a notch by renting a boom box and recreating that romantic scene from the movie ‘Say Anything.’

Handwritten Letter

“What happened to romance? Sappy, soppy longhand love letters.” – Lindy, Beastly

Let’s face it; technology has made it easier to be lazier, particularly when it comes to the matters of the heart. No one takes time to write heartfelt love letters now for they can easily quote quotes and forward it to their loved ones. Be one of the rare romantic few who takes their time to compile a list of everything you love about your partner. Include your favourite story or memory you had with her and express how much you care about her.

As soon as you have the list ready, you can now write the letter on a piece of paper and not just type it on a computer. Get some adorable sheets of paper and matching envelopes at a stationary store. During your anniversary dinner, pass this letter across the table and witness the heartfelt glow in her eyes as she reads it.

It can be hard to find time to celebrate your anniversary because of your social and family obligations, as well as, work schedule. Make sure to prioritise your relationship, particularly on this day, and nurture it to guarantee it lasts.