Things to Consider Before Buying an RV

family inside an RV

Whether you are going for a weekend camping adventure, a month away perhaps, or do it “full time,” a road trip is best with an RV. If you are thinking of buying one, there are countless brands and places to buy, especially in Texas.

RV dealers such as Del Air Co. & R.V. are the most notable sources of information, from make to financing schemes.

The types of RV

There are many types of RVs: motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailer, pop-up trailer, SURV trailer, and truck camper. The most common is the motorhome. Ideal for long travels, they have about all you need in a home. Travel trailers are lightweight RVs ranging from the 12-foot mini to the 33-foot triple axel giants.

Unlike the motorhome, they boast designer-grade interiors. A fifth-wheel trailer is another long-haul duty RV. At 18 to 40 feet, they are perfect for long distance travel or a climb to the nearest mountains. A pop-up trailer is the opposite of a motorhome. It is the smallest, lightest, and cheapest among the RVs.

The SURV trailer or sports utility RV is the newest RV design. It has a garage area in its rear that you can use for hauling smaller vehicles like a motorcycle. Lastly is the truck camper. It is the ultimate RV, able to travel the longest and carry the heaviest, and it comes at a lower price.

Where to find an RV

Manufacturers and RV shows are excellent places to find an RV, but a dealer is still the best place. There are many RV dealers in Texas offering a great variety of makes plus the unmatched customer service. Dealers also provide extra inputs with additional features or customizations that you desire.

Most importantly, dealers offer the best financing options. Bank financing is more difficult with requirements while third-party financing options have high-interest rates. Most RV dealers provide choices through some lenders.

Interest rates that they offer are close to what banks offer, and it comes with good credit.