Recognizing Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Man forgetting somethingAging is a natural process that the human body undergoes. The mind experiences many changes throughout this process, and these changes may mask the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. A loved one could already have beginning signs of the disease, and it is vital to prepare everyone for the changes they will experience. The specialists at Legacy Village of Provo list the following signs and symptoms that will help you identify Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages.

Memory Loss of Recent Events

Forgetting events that occurred a long time ago is normal and even expected for a person approaching their golden years. However, when your loved one keeps on forgetting events or even conversations that happened only minutes ago, this can be a cause for concern. This memory loss can lead to your loved one being unable to find their way home.

Difficulty in Solving Simple Problems

You can easily spot this concern if your loved one enjoys keeping track of bills and finances. The disease causes the patient to have difficulties in concentration and abstract thinking, which are necessary for problem solving. If your loved one shows these problems, it may be time to get tested.

Behavioral Changes

With this illness, the brain changes in that a person no longer acts or even feels the way they usually do. This can lead to depression or apathy, and a patient with Alzheimer’s would often have mood swings. Coupled with memory loss, you might find your loved one wandering around and distrusting their family members.

The experience of Alzheimer’s disease can be frustrating for the patients and their relatives; hence, seeking professional Alzheimer care in Orem may be an ideal option to ease your loved one into the inevitable lifestyle changes they will soon see. Knowing that your loved ones are in good and capable hands will help allay your anxieties and help you sleep better at night.