Re-Glazing Windows: The What, Why and When

A well-maintained attic window

Do you know that not all your problems with your window need full replacement? For example, when you have issues with your glazing, re-glazing is a cost-effective option than replacing the entire window.

Re-glazing refers to the process of only replacing your window pane, which is the best option when your window does not have any issue with other parts such as the sash and frame except the glazing.

For successful re-glazing, however, the window frame should be crack-free, and the girdle should be firm and watertight. For this project, you should hire a professional glazier here in Palmerston North.

About Glazing

This part refers to the section of the window that acts as a weather tight seal on the outer part of the window and between the glass and the wood. Over time, glazing can come off or crack due to harsh weather conditions.

That leaves your window vulnerable to damage, not to mention energy losses. It also looks unsightly.

Why Re-glaze?

One of the main reasons why a majority of people choose to re-glaze their windows is to boost their home’s energy efficiency. Like doors, windows are responsible for the loss of heat in homes. If your glass is cracked or broken, re-glaze it instead of getting a full window replacement, which is often costly.

You can add an extra layer or two of glass to get double-glazed or triple-glazed windows.

When to Re-glaze

One indicator that it is time to re-glaze is, having visible condensation on the glass. Typically, this condition happens when the seals are faulty. You, however, need to be sure that the condensation on your window is not a result of high humidity in your home.

Re-glazing is not one of those tasks you would want to try as a DIY project. Glass can cut you when installing. More to it is that there are specific measurements you need to follow when installing glass. So, working with a professional glazer is usually the only way to get it right here.