Positive in the Negative: The Power of Negative Space in Interior Design

When designing rooms, homeowners in Florida often encounter the struggle of filling up empty spaces. Whether that’s a blank wall or a bare coffee table, there’s that strong urge to have something on it. It just doesn’t make sense to leave it as it is, to have nothing — but what if it does?

There’s a principle in interior design that operates this nothingness. When applied properly (and it’s easy!), it can turn a space from simple to stunning. It’s called negative space.

Positive in the Negative

In art, negative space simply refers to the blank space that’s not taken by the subject. In the context of interior design, negative spaces are those empty corners that don’t have design — no furniture, no fixture, nothing.

This blank area in your home offers a striking look when the whole room is seen as a whole precisely because it offers a breathing space, a corner where the eyes can rest.

And that is crucial because it’s only when your eyes are able to rest that you notice all the other elements in the room — the violet, velvet sofa, the natural stone walls, or the smooth hardwood flooring.

Bradenton’s design expert Wade’s carpet & Interiors shares that this effect of the negative space brings visual comfort and harmony to any room. In other words, other design elements begin to pop, when negative space is present. What’s more, it keeps the room clutter-free, effortlessly.

Negative Space in Your Space

Now, how exactly can you make use of this negative space in your own space? The first step is to find where to include negative space. The trick here is to re-think about design elements in the room.

Take the advice of the famous Coco Chanel when accessorizing outfits: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” That principle of elimination is the one you’ll apply here. So, what you do is after decorating your living room, see which elements you can do away with.

For instance, would that wall near your window still look well, even if it doesn’t have art on it? Would a coffee table do well even without those candles and stacked books? If they do, then that’s your opportunity for negative space.

Negative space is a powerful tool that can transform your home design. Make space for negative space.