Pool Maintenance: Procedures to Keep it Clean and Safe during the Summer


Swimming is an excellent way of keeping fit, and having access to a pool when the temperatures are extremely high is a great way to cool off. Given its frequent use during the summer, it is only right to carry out routine maintenance to ensure hygiene and safety standards are observed.

Regular maintenance will also allow you to identify problems that require professional attention. This way, you can call pros like Preferred Pool and Spa in for timely swimming pool repair in Salk Lake City and avoid further damage.

We recommend some regular maintenance procedures below.

1. Clean your pool daily

Use a skimming net to get rid of leaves, twigs, bugs and other debris before they sink to the bottom. Get rid of any large items at the bottom too. Vacuum the walls and floor using a pool vacuum. To get rid of algae and stuck dirt, use a pool brush to scrub the walls. Empty the strainer basket and rinse it with a faucet or hose.

2. Pool Shock Treatment

Shock treatment cleans your pool water. Use a stabilizer, algaecide, and super shock chlorine. The mixture will depend on how dirty the pool is, and the instructions given. Treat the pool at night to prevent the chlorine from evaporating before it attaches and oxidizes.

Clean the filter and once the mixture is in the pool, run the pump for a day so that the water gets filtered and the chemicals disperse throughout the pool evenly.

3. Test the water

Purchase a test kit to help test the chemicals in your pool. The test ensures that the pH levels of your pool are in the right range. If the pool is too alkaline or acidic, then the water may contain harmful bacteria. A high pH can also erode your pool filter system and cleaning equipment. A chlorine check is also necessary. Too much chlorine in pool water is harmful to the eyes, changes hair color, and could cause rashes on the skin.

To further keep your pool at its best, schedule regular professional checks. This way, your pool will always be safe and secure for a swim.