Passion: The Attribute You Should Look for in a Public Speaker

Public Speaker Addressing a Crowd

Public speakers in New Zealand come in all shapes and sizes, with different styles and approaches. But regardless of the industry you’re in, when looking for a speaker, you should be able to see one thing from them: passion.

Why Passion?

The ability to connect with the audience, authenticity, voice power, confidence—the long list of attributes to consider in a speaker goes on. But everything is summed up in passion. How?

It’s in the fact that passion comes from the sum of human experiences that enrich the person’s perspective. When a passionate speaker opens his mouth and talks about, say, how he has overcome depression in the face of their child’s death, people are captivated and feel instantly connected with that speaker.

When passionate speakers raise their voice as they share stories that evoked anger, triumph, or the feeling of betrayal, people put down emotional walls and be less guarded. Voice power in passionate speakers come naturally. And because most of what they share comes from their own experiences, there is mastery there. There’s just a certain kind of confidence from motivational speakers NZ audiences couldn’t resist.

In other words, passion is both genuine and captivating. That’s why it encapsulates all the attributes tied to good speakers.

The Makings of a Passionate Speaker

Your speaker should have a plethora of experience, but this isn’t just for credibility or authority in the topic chosen, but because this is one of the ways you can ensure that your speaker is a passionate one. If they’ve been through the various ups and downs of life, you know that this person is a persistent one. And persistence is the channel through which passion comes from. You’ll be able to expect an in-depth talk from such speakers.

Passionate speakers are not just book authors or successful entrepreneurs. Sometimes, they’re not the ones you usually expect; they are detectives, students, gardeners, even the disabled.