Painless Ways to Have a Dental Check-Up

Woman Smiling During Her Dental Check-up

Most people recognize the importance of healthy teeth, and they want an attractive smile, but, for some, going for regular dental check-ups is an ordeal. They may be frightened of the discomfort they might experience or are uncomfortable about being poked with a needle. They might dislike the sight of the dentist’s chair, even. These dental phobias put some people off attending dental appointments. Neglecting to care for one’s oral health can lead to the development of problems like tooth decay or gum disease, however.

These patients needn’t be afraid because today there’s painless dentistry.

What is Painless Dentistry?

Painless dentistry offers needle-free treatments with sharps-free anesthetic delivery devices. These take the fear out of getting a dental anesthetic via a sharp object.

Dentists who specialize in dental phobias also know how to calm and distract their patients with a TV set at ceiling level that displays a variety of relaxing scenes. Meanwhile, waiting areas are usually tranquil and may feature plants or fish tanks.

When the patient is very frightened, and the methods mentioned don’t work, dentists turn to sedation dentistry like those the painless dentistry specialists of Walker Pediatric Dentistry offer.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves using medication to keep the patient sleepy and relaxed.
Gas and air can be inhaled to reduce discomfort from injections. It gives a “far away” feeling without putting the person to sleep.

Oral sedation involves taking a tablet or liquid medicine to induce relaxation, meanwhile.
IV sedation gives the deepest level of sedation. The patient may drift in and out of sleep; they may be awake but not aware or concerned about the procedure.

A general anesthetic can be given for some procedures. This produces total unconsciousness during the treatment. The patient will need to be monitored and spend time in recovery.

Patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist or have had previous painful experiences at an oral healthcare clinic no longer have anything to fear. There are ways to get a check-up or a procedure done without experiencing pain. Some dental clinics specialize in calming patients and the latest sedation techniques.