MBIE Predicts NZ Employment to Rise by 153,000 in 2020

Auckland City, New Zealand skyline

Those who look for job vacancies in Auckland, Wellington and other cities in New Zealand would have better chances of finding work through March 2020, as employment opportunities would increase by 153,000.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment released its forecast for the period between 2017 and 2020. High school teachers, for instance, would be particularly in-demand in Auckland

Employment Growth

Managers and professionals comprise the two skilled occupations that would have a faster increase in opportunities than overall job growth, according to the report. Kiwis that plan to look for new jobs may boost the odds of landing work by seeking help from recruitment firms. Employers that likewise find it hard to fill vacancies should also do the same.

In Auckland, for instance, the city’s employment sector would record the biggest increase in employment during the forecast period. According to the Auckland Secondary Schools Principals’ Association (ASSPA), there is a need to recruit more secondary school teachers by 2027, due to a projected shortage.

Staffing Shortage

ASSPA said that the number of high school teachers in Auckland would fall short of 3,000 professionals if salaries continue to remain low. By 2037, the shortage might even increase to 6,400. Hence, a 36 per cent increase on the basic teachers’ salary range would be necessary.

This would be equivalent to a salary of $106,482 from the current pay of $78,000. The Post Primary Teachers Association agreed that a wage increase should be in order, as it hinted on a plan to pursue an estimated 14.5 per cent raise for teachers this year.


An increase in job opportunities in New Zealand may indicate that more employers would need new workers, or replace those who left their jobs. Either way, this would be beneficial for those who struggle to find work.