Indoor Tanning Lotions 101: The Different Types

a woman with healthy and perfectly tanned skin

A tan highlights the details of your physique and the definition of your muscles; it comes as no surprise why some prefer bronze skin over a fair complexion. If you want to get the olive-tinged skin you desire, you’d have to choose from different types of tanning lotions and oils. Each product has various effects, depending on the person that uses them.

Here are some of the types of tanning lotions to consider:

Bronzing Products

A Bali Body bronzer lotion is the ideal product for those that want a darker tan; this type contains certain coloring ingredients that result in a deeper, richer and darker skin tone. This also includes dihydroxyacetone or DHA, which temporarily changes the skin’s cells to achieve its results. This lotion renders an ‘instant tan’ and then continues to darken your skin even for hours after you underwent tanning. However, experts only recommend this product for those who already have a base tan, and have enough experience using a tanning bed or lamp indoors on their own.


Accelerators, or maximizers, are one of the standard products used when indoor tanning. The formulation and ingredients used for this type of lotion prolong and emphasize your tan results. What this lotion does is enable you to achieve a skin base tan faster and retains the color for a longer period. Experts recommend this product for beginners because it doesn’t contain bronzing agents or color dyes. In place of the bronzing agents and dyes, this lotion contains skin care ingredients and moisturizing.


A tingler, also known as hot action products, contains special ingredients that trigger the skin’s micro-circulation. These agents, which are likely methyl nicotinate or benzyl, send more oxygen to the skin’s cells and boost blood flow. This increased action promotes a long-lasting and deeper tan within a shorter timeframe.

These are some of the different types of tanning lotions to consider if you want to get that bronze-tinged skin tone. Try various products first as one type of lotion may not deliver the results you want or cause skin discomfort.