Finding the Right Real Estate Agent: 3 Tips for You

real estate agent talking to a couple

Whether buying, selling, or renting property, it is essential to find a realtor who knows what you need. In top real estate hot spots, such as Florida, the realtor will make or break one’s dream of finding the best home.

Finding Sarasota real estate agents, for instance, can be demanding given the endless list of agents one can find locally, and even online. When searching for the right real estate agent, be sure that you get from your short list information on property values, trends and issues of the area.

Interview them until you are well informed and comfortable. But first, prepare yourself by learning from the tips below.

Local expertise

Find the agent that has the desired local expertise in the property that you are looking for. Information about real estate properties is very local. A property in Sarasota is unique from that of Miami. An office lease in the center of the city is different from an industrial lease in the city limits.

Background and credentials

The agent should have a good academic background and professional experience. It is equally important for the agent to have a history of success and industry accolades. If so, you would expect them to know real estate fundamentals as well as to analyze and interpret market data.

Portfolio and influence

Ask the agent about his client list or database to get a notion of their influence. What are the types of clients they have worked with? What kinds of deals do those clients make? This way, you will get the feel of the market your prospective agent operates in.

Reviews and testimonials

Back up your search with an expeditious probe of online agent or broker reviews, testimonials, and personal experiences. There is a chance that an agent’s local expertise, credentials, and portfolio do not match external information.

When searching for an agent, take an in-depth look at a potential agent’s ability and experience as well as reviews and testimonials.