Design Dilemma: What to Do with Large Windows

How to Manage Large Window

Designing a space is simple and easy, but that is until you get to the big windows. You know the kind: the floor-to-ceiling, groups of panels side by side along a long wall, or the bay and bow. They present a big design dilemma since they’re big and obviously visible enough to influence people’s perception of the visual appeal of the space. This design dilemma, though, is a creative opportunity in disguise. Apply these tips to pull off this aesthetic project:

Leave it (slightly) bare.

There’s a good reason your big windows are large in size — they frame a good outdoor view and let in so much natural light. If that’s the case, then flaunt that sight and illuminate your house better by leaving the windows bare. Well, slightly bare. Of course, too much light coming into the house isn’t good, as increases your risk of sun damage indoors and wrecking your upholstery over time. So, you may want to consider installing window films to control natural light.

Dress it up with smart treatments.

The leaving-it-bare option may feel like your privacy is compromised, so if you’re not comfortable with that, then dress up the windows — with smart treatments. Not all window treatments are created equal when it comes to large windows. The best types are those that allow better light control. Shutters and blinds, for example, are a good choice. If you want something that matches your smart home, then go for custom motorized blinds. These are ideal for high windows, which are hard to reach.

Arrange your furniture around it.

The outdoor view that your windows frame is a good focal point, so it’s best to arrange all the other design elements around it. Direct the seating furniture towards the windows to encourage viewing and guide people’s eyes towards the outdoors. Leave a big space as well between the windows and any furniture to subtly invite people to walk up and stare at the view.

Big windows may be a design dilemma, but they also present a lot of creative opportunities as well. Go big or go home when designing with and around big windows.