Bike Safety: Headphones Vs. Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Riding bikes has been gaining popularity more and more, and people are taking their bikes to work, on long routes, and around congested city blocks.

As with runners, most bikers use headphones as they ride, though a cycling speaker has been a great way to listen to music too. Accessibility is not an issue since you can readily purchase headphones and speakers in shops or online.

Whether you listen to music with headphones or speakers during your cycling sesh, here are three things to take into account.


Music, or whatever you listen to, drowns out ambient noises, which could put your safety at risk. In this regard, cycling speakers are safer as noises and sound around you aren’t blocked or overwhelmed. You are still aware of your surroundings and can make the proper adjustments.

Headphones directly pump music to your ears, increasing the risk of neglecting sounds and noises that could signal an incoming hazard.


Cycling speakers tend to broadcast your playlist to those around you. Be it music or a podcast, people around you might hear it, and some might get a bit irritated.

It’s fine if you are riding alone in an uncrowded path, but riding in the city might cause you a few disdainful looks. Common courtesy goes a long way in keeping the peace.


Cycling speakers can be loud, but earphones transmit directly to your ear, providing greater detail and stereo. If you are cycling in a machine at home — headphones are definitely the better option. On the streets, however, you need to balance your listening experience with road safety.

Road safety should be the priority of every cyclist. With this in mind, if you really need to listen to music — it’s safer to do so with a cycling speaker. You might miss out on a bit of detail, but surely that’s a small price to pay for safety.