Beautify Your Home With These 3 Design Rules

Modern living room design

At a glance, aesthetics and rules don’t seem to go together. When you’re beautifying a space, it appears that it’s all just following the gut feeling, throwing in what you feel is pretty.

Here are the design rules you should swear by when decorating your home:

The 3/3 Vertical Rule

Nature provides countless patterns of aesthetics, and when you’re able to replicate that in your space, your design achieves a new level of familiarity and tranquility. Observe the play of colors in nature. The darkest hues are often in the ground (for example, soil, mud, and stones), medium tones, like trees, are in the middle, and finally, the light hues, say, the clouds, are on top.

This is one way you can choose a color palette in your home. For instance, in your outdoor living room, you can have a dark wood deck (bottom), a brick wall and brown outdoor furnishings (middle), then a white or beige retractable rolling awnings for cover (top).

The Rule of Three

This is also called the rule of odds, and it only means arranging and grouping design elements in threes or odd numbers. Why odd? Odd looks more natural and unstaged compared to aesthetic details grouped in even numbers. You can use this for any design element, from textures to furniture and decor.

For example, an outdoor living room that incorporates the holy trio of textures, namely wood, metal, and stone, makes for a visually appealing space. So, consider including these materials in your home.

The Focal Point Principle

When people enter a room, their eyes naturally gravitate towards a piece of design element. Good if that’s an object worth looking at. Bad if it’s an eyesore. It’s important then to direct the eyes towards a visually striking focal point, and you can do that by building your design around it.

Inside homes, fireplaces make for an instant focal point, so arrange your furniture around it. Outdoors, views of the horizon or the sunset are an ideal centerpiece, so you should be able to arrange your sociable seating to maximize that view.

It’s not enough to have the gut feeling when it comes to designing homes. It’s still best to know and follow the rules. At the end of the day, rules rule.