A Solid Foundation: Building Credibility as an SEO Newbie


seoOne of the biggest challenges you will face as a start-up SEO agency is to earn the trust of consumers and build credibility. It can be a real struggle to establish authority in the industry, especially if you have yet to immerse yourself in business completely. Remember, though, that credibility always pays. It is precisely what draws people in to your business; they need to think of you as someone worth their trust.

All of this should serve as the foundation for your ultimate goal: to be the business people can trust. But how exactly do you tackle this challenge? Here are some strategies you can use to build credibility for your start-up:

Highlight Your Identity

Tell people about your achievements, experiences, and the skills you gained, but do it subtly and without bragging. Produce blogs that show your expertise in the digital marketing industry. Show readers that you know all about the latest news, trends and innovations in the field.

Most start-ups consider working with established online marketing companies or subscribe to white label SEO packages; expertsfrom SEOReseller.com explain that these strategies are beneficial for strengthening your services and portfolio.

Humanize Your Business

Clients long for personal human touch—even those that make transactions online. Humanize your business by putting digital images of your team on the company website. Ask them to share tidbits about their passion and dreams in life; details like this will instantly add a human touch to your business.

Another way to humanize your business is to publish testimonials from clients. When doing this, make sure that the feedback is genuine. You don’t want nameless, picture-less quotes; they look unreal. Ask clients for their photos.

Create a Great Impression

It’s likely that your website will be the first thing potential clients and partners see when looking up your business. This emphasizes the need to make your web design as professional as it should be. Remember that the kind of design you implement speaks volumes about your web design services.

Revamp your website and implement the KISS principle in web design. As one Google study suggests, online users perceive simple web designs as more aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, part of the design is the content of your site. There should never be room for typographical errors or poor grammar anywhere on your site. Evaluate content carefully and make the necessary changes.

These are just some of the strategies you can use to build credibility. Start with these and you’ll be able to earn the trust of your market.