4 Web Developer Interview Questions to Ask

Having a website is an essential part of businesses these days. After all, it is the place where information dissemination, as well as communication and marketing, takes place. Therefore, it is not a surprise how businesses invest a whole lot of effort (and money) on their websites.

Finding the right web developer who can offer custom web application development services can be easy and tricky at the same time. With more people taking the IT track, it can be difficult to filter which developer is great and which one is mediocre. Asking the right questions can help you determine whether or not the person is right for the job:

What type of CMS do you work with?

Content Management System (CMS) is the process of handling a website. As a client, you should be familiar with using the system that your developer used. In some cases, your company already has a system that everyone is familiar with. Choose a developer that specializes in the type of CMS your company is using.

How can you make sure that the website meets SEO standards?

Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google. The importance of complying with SEO standards should be considered and necessary changes should easily be taken to cope when needed.

How do you handle support services?

At some point, your website will lag or suddenly be down due to whatever reason. It is normal because it is a website. What is not normal is if it remains that way for long periods of time, causing your company to lose profits. Discuss how support services will be handled when needed.

What are your plans for security?

A security plan is not a necessity, but with hackers and viruses becoming more complex these days, a layer of protection should be present.

Use these questions to find the right web developer who can help with your business, as it will help lead you to find the right one.