4 Possible Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Running


Does your toilet keep running constantly? You are not alone. It’s a problem that many homeowners encounter every once in a while, and it can be a major annoyance, not to mention a cause of water wastage.

Call in an emergency plumber in Orem such as Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical help fix the problem promptly. But what could be causing the issue in the first place? Here are four possibilities.

A faulty toilet handle

Does the toilet handle remain down for a longer period than normal once you flush the toilet? Then the water will still be running for as long as the handle is in that position. The problem could be that the toilet handle is old, corroded, or simply stiff.

Try loosening the handle after flushing the toilet. If the handle is old, then replacing it is a more fitting solution.

Mineral buildups

When the water you are using contains minerals, then there’s a chance that these minerals can build up inside the toilet. With time, the scummy residue can cause jams and seals in the toilet. If you notice any hard build up inside your toilet, have a professional clean the toilet’s flushing system.

A leaky fill valve

This is an issue that many older toilets have. To find out if your fill valve is leaky, flush the toilet, lift up the float arm and watch whether the tank continues refilling itself. If it does, then it’s leaky and needs replacing.

A problematic flapper

The flapper of your toilet is basically a plastic cap that keeps water in the toilet’s tank. With time, the flapper can become brittle, creating a faulty seal. When this happens, the tank won’t hold water or refill properly.

A toilet that keeps flushing can be the source of a headache if not fixed promptly. To avoid too much water and money wastage, it’s best to have an expert examine and deal with the issue soon enough.