3 Things To Consider Before Installing Cavity Slider Doors

Sliding Doors

Cavity slider doors are versatile interior design components. They help improve your home’s overall look and are great for creating flexible spaces.

But before you add a cavity slider door in the hopes of transforming a space or adding a nifty interior design, here are three things you must consider:

Wall Space

First, check if you have enough wall space. You must measure this space, keeping in mind that it must be the same height and width as the slider door.

Wall Obstructions

Other than checking if you have ample wall space, you need to make sure there are no obstructions, which will impede the construction of the cavity where your door will slide in. Such impediments include wires, power sockets, pipes and the like. It is a good idea to consult with professional builders to find out if it is feasible to install cavity slider doors where you intend.

Type of Slider Door

Another thing to consider is the type of slider door you want to install. A type of cavity slider doors has self-contained metal frames. Another type simply slides directly into the wall cavity. If you are on a budget, the second type is usually the more cost-efficient option. Cavity sliding doors with metal frames are generally more expensive since they have additional reinforcements, making them more appropriate for high-traffic areas like offices and other commercial spaces.

Consider your opening options. A single cavity slider door is the best option for small rooms while double doors are perfect for bigger spaces such as the living room or patio. You likewise have the option of having your double doors slide into their own cavities on either side or together on one side. Consult with a professional contractor to know which type is best for you.