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Think before You Invest: Commercial Property Market Trends and Gains

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in Services | 0 comments

Commercial Properties MarketThe commercial property industry in Australia recorded its best 12-month earnings with $27 billion as of June 2015. This showed a 15% increase from its 2014 income, with 59% of the profits coming from office building deals.

Know the news and issues that move this industry to secure your investment.

2015 Market News

There has been a 30% increase in the investments made in the less than $10 million commercial property sector, with sales coming from both local and global investors. Victoria contributed 32% of investment contracts, while New South Wales (NSW) contributed 41%.

Foreign investors are also coming in. Singapore’s real estate investment trust paid $288 million for the Myer Centre in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall. The Waterfront Place buildings in Brisbane sold for $635 million. The Coles Distribution Centre at Eastern Creek, NSW, was worth $288 million after negotiations.

In contrast, spending from large organisations declined from 52% to 42%. First-time investors should take this as a sign to invest.

Investment Issues   

There are three kinds of commercial properties: industrial assets, trading facilities and workplaces. A single unit has a normal ROI of 5%, while a storehouse may gain back 8%. If cost is a concern, you may choose smaller lands instead of retail units and industrial lots outside the city.

Commercial property management companies like McGees agree that the risk actually lies in longer tenancy breaks that could take months or even years. In some cases, your renters might pull out due to budget limits.

However, you earn big when you close five-year lease deals and renew other transactions for another five years. It is good to have government agencies or companies as renters because you are guaranteed payments and an extended agreement.

The cost of maintaining the property includes expenses for legal and industry requirements, and upgrades. Your tenants shoulder most of them, including insurance and taxes.

With these details, make wise investment decisions to reap the rewards.

Why Defendants Can Opt Not to Take the Stand

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Services | 0 comments

LawyerThe Fifth Amendment of the Constitution and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 38.08 guarantees your right to testify on your own defense in trial. It also says not testifying shall not be taken against you, nor shall it be alluded to or commented on by counsel in the cause.

Many lawyers will advise their clients not to testify in the vast majority of cases, even if you are not guilty. This all boils down to strategy and letting the prosecutor do their job of proving fault.

  1. Burden of Proof

In criminal trials, know that it is neither advisable nor necessary for a defendant to take the stand. This is because the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. As a defendant, you are innocent until proven guilty. You are not even required to present even a speck of evidence in your defense, much less to testify.

  1. Self-Incrimination

Your case will not go to trial unless there is probable cause. Houston-based law firm explains ‘probable cause’ can roughly mean “more likely than not”, that is, a crime was committed more likely than not. To convict the defendant, the state needs proof beyond reasonable doubt. This is the highest burden of proof under Texas law.

Not testifying can save you from self-incrimination, even if you are innocent. This is because anything you say to the police or to the court can and will mostly likely be misconstrued to support the prosecution. As Annalise Keating of How To Get Away With Murder puts it, “when in doubt, shut your mouth.”

  1. Cross-Examination

Cross-examination can be brutal, as the prosecution bombards you with questions to prove your guilt. Remember that there is no right way to behave when testifying. When the prosecution gets a crack at you while under oath, you can easily turn into a seething pot of anger or an unbelievable mess.

  1. Credibility

When you take the stand, there is a chance to be discredited or vilified. It can be a prudent strategy to let other witnesses do the heavy lifting of proving your good moral character, without violating the rule against hearsay evidence.

  1. Choice

No one can force you to testify, or blame you if you are too uncomfortable, stressed, or emotional to take the stand. The jury also cannot take into account your refusal to testify as an indication of guilt.

Taking the stand or not as a defendant depends on you and your legal team. If your lawyer believes it will do your case a lot of good, then you should definitely take it into consideration when making your choice.

Know Your Options: Different Types of Balustrades for Your Home

Posted by on Jul 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Different BalustradingBalustrades can enhance the look of your home, while providing added security in areas like porches, decks, balconies and stairs. Typically made from a series of balustrades or small posts connected to a railing, balustrades can significantly improve the physical appearance of your home.

Balustrading solutions are available in different types. Jigsaw Balustrades shares some of the best options for Perth homeowners:

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are a favourite among many homeowners. This option gives an instant sleek, modern look, whether you install them in your stairs or porch. For porches and decks, a frameless glass balustrade system can provide a sophisticated look without compromising the beautiful outdoor views. These features make it one of the most favoured balustrade designs for Perth homes.

Glass goes brilliantly well for contemporary houses. It is also a practical design solution as the glass panels makes an area look more spacious.

Steel Balustrades

Steel balustrades come in different sizes, shapes and designs. They even come in ready-to-install types that you can mount on your own. Stainless steel is strong and durable, a perfect choice for areas where safety and threat from weather elements are of primary concern. Wrought iron and aluminium balustrades are also available in different designs.

Wooden Balustrades

Panels and rails made from wood fall under the traditional options — they are common in stair railings. Different types of timber panels are available; you can choose from balustrades made of treated wood or stained hardwood. Timber panels are a good choice if you want to a rustic, traditional look for your home. Like wooden floors, they create a warm, homely charm that you cannot get from other materials.

Stone Balustrades

Stones such as marble and limestone make classy and luxurious designs. With their finish, these stones can add character to your home. Stone balustrades may be more expensive and complex to install than other types, though. You need certified contractors for successful installation of stone balustrades.

Once you know your options, finding the right balustrade or railing system will be easier. Understand your needs and have a clear sense of style to determine which of the above-mentioned balustrades suit your home.

Frozen Roof? Don’t Let the Cold Bother You (and Damage Your Home)

Posted by on Jul 23, 2015 in Services | 0 comments

Frozen RoofFrozen roofs aren’t something you can easily let go of. If the cold has been bothering you ever since your kid saw Anna and Elsa argue over their childhood issues, then there is no reason to keep another part of your home in line with the Disney movie. Especially if your home’s safety and condition are compromised.

The cold brings in many unwanted ice formations. As soon as you see frozen fractals start building up in your roof, you had better do something about it before your home transforms into an ice palace minus the glamour.

Get your roof’s ice dam removed and avoid it being damaged by the following:

Wall Deterioration

Ice dams create an artificial “dam” on your roof that hinders the flow of water out of it and does the opposite of the intention of your roof — keep it.

In that event, the water stuck on your roof will have nowhere to go but through it, thus reaching your walls. And everybody knows that moisture and walls don’t play well together.

The unwanted amount of moisture in your walls only weakens it and contributes largely to its deterioration.

Insulation Damping

In the cold, your home’s main purpose will be for warmth and shelter. With ice dams on your roof, your humble abode may not adequately provide this need.

With water going through your roof instead of off it, the possibility is high that it will get into your home’s insulation layer and reduce the heat insulating abilities of your home.

Stained Ceilings

While it may seem like a simple aesthetic issue or an eyesore, it is more than that. A stained ceiling means water is past your roof and will soon be on your floor, inside the home. The next thing to expect upon sighting a stain on your ceiling is a leak.

While immediate action is highly suggested, preventive measures are more effective ways to keep your home free from damages that ice dams can cause.

Your child’s constant bursting into song when watching Frozen should be the only thing bothering you. So, keep your home’s roof in check and unfrozen to not let it bother you anymore.

Putting “Modern” Into a Lawyer’s Vocabulary

Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Services | 0 comments

Modern LawyerModern isn’t the first thing that lawyers become. If any, you’re probably a traditionalist like your mentor in law school. Sticking to old values is admirable, and to an extent, character building. Nonetheless, traditionalist lawyers are in danger of losing the marathon to modern law services. It will hurt your practice and reputation all the same if you don’t move with the times.

Being in the thick of technology can only do well for lawyers. Some legal processes must stick to the old-fashioned way, but the convenience of “digitizing” most tasks in a firm helps in more ways than one. Soon enough, lawyers will be primed to be modern when law schools guide them to become one.

For now, you must adapt these qualities or services for your practice to flourish:

Tech Literacy

Knowledge of technology starts small, primarily about devices and its capabilities. Soon enough, you’ll be fascinated about how much you can accomplish in your smartphone. Technology improves the spectrum of your life in law. Nonetheless, all of these will only come if you integrate technology in your work. Considering it’s all about convenience and efficiency, it’s the perfect companion to any lawyer.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO isn’t just using Google to extend a firm’s business reach. More often than not, SEO services help in presenting law firms in the right way. There is reticence towards online marketing, but legal SEO consultants such as can help banish those doubts. Additionally, the specialized legal SEO field makes it easier to cater to lawyers’ needs.


Numbers have always played a part in creating calculated decisions. In the black-and-white world of law where it could provide a ton of assistance, it’s not so prevalent. Nevertheless, big data is on the rise and you would be foolish not to use it. Legal statistics are not just confined to numbers; research databases also provide cases and studies to digest.

Think Six Million Dollar Man rather than the Terminator. In the former, technology improves the character rather than replacing him. Lawyers should take this as a mantra towards modernity. Technology can’t take over everything, but it does a good job in making a lawyer’s life easier.

Buying Blinds: What You Shouldn’t Forget to Consider

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Home Improvement | 0 comments

blinds in PerthMuch thanks to outdoor window blinds offered in a plethora of styles, designs, and colours, finding a suitable choice for your needs and personal tastes is now easier than ever. However, it is also because of this wide availability that many Perth homeowners have made the wrong choices when investing in these affordable, low-maintenance window treatments.

Before you start shelling money for those blinds, make sure that you have read the following:

Existing Décor and Styling

One question that blinds buyers forget to ask themselves is if the window treatments actually suit their home’s existing décor and styling. You do not want to buy nice-looking outdoor blinds only to end up not using them because they clash with the rest of your home.

Size Compatibility

Aside from the style itself, first determine the dimensions of the windows you would install the blinds upon. In Perth, ready-made outdoor blinds are available, but in most cases, these only suit standard-sized windows. Custom, large, or odd-shaped windows may require tailored blinds.

Amount of Control over Privacy and Light

Both outdoor and indoor blinds come in varying slat sizes. The amount of visibility and light allowed to enter your home will depend on how small or large the blinds’ slats are. So the bigger the slats, the more light can enter, but the greater the visibility from both outside and inside.

It all depends on your preference, as well as the specific area where you plan to install these window treatments.


Most importantly, do not forget to consider the child safety aspects of the blinds. If you have very young children, most Australian authorities suggest buying the cordless variant. This way, you can eliminate the risks of strangulation.

To ensure that these window treatments are installed properly and safely, you should also consider working with an outdoor blinds supplier who also offers installation services. Proper installation is necessary, as incorrectly placed blinds can also pose safety hazards.